quinta-feira, janeiro 26, 2017

A humble smile at the Beam me up Scottie flood

I don't write poetry much anymore as it's a bit frustrating not to be published. Let's face it: as much as I like the net and its potential, as much as I'm thankful to everyone who's visited the blog during so many years, there's nothing like the actual recognition. 
But so be it. I'm a realist but I refuse to pay to get published. Published on paper, that is. And befriend critcs. And the press. And everyone. It feels too much like cheating.
Now... something interesting has happened lately... Ever since I wrote a poem named Beam me up Scottie. I've been relatively flooded by visitors from the US (and even from Russia once; at least that I noticed).
That's very interesting and speaks enormously of markets. I think.
I only wish my visitors could actually understand my poetry (said with a humble smile)...
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